Kids Saturday Workshops

Kids Workshops are run as one time classes on Saturday mornings and provide an opportunity to really dig in and get our hands dirty here at the farm. These two hour classes each offer something special for kids. A weekend alternative to our more extensive weekday classes!

Enrollment Instructions To see the offerings for a course, click on its name (in red). Applicable multi family member order discounts are shown at the right.

Bunny Blast

April 7th, 2018. This hands on bunny workshop allows children to hold and snuggle with some of our new baby bunnies! Children will learn about the care and feeding of rabbits, make a soft bunny craft and more.
Taught by Judy Wilson, 10am-12pm, $35
Ages: 4–12 Discount: yes

Grow and Taste Garden

Saturday, May 26th 2018 (10:00am-12:00pm) Spring is here! Let's get our hands dirty and plant some seeds! Plant an edible vegetable and flower garden to take home, you can transfer it into your own yard. Then see and taste what our seeds will grow to be! Taught by Farm Staff ($35)
Ages: 4–11 Discount: yes

Feather Their Nest

April 28th 2018. Join us in welcoming the return of the Baltimore Orioles to the farm! Help all of our feathered friends build their nests by filling a mesh bag with all sorts of surprising materials then take home your creation for the feathered friends in your neighborhood. Play detective and watch what birds choose and see if you can find where our friends build their nests. Taught by Farm Staff 10am-12pm ($35)
Ages: 4–11 Discount: yes

Caterpillars and Critters

April 14th 2018. Make and take home a foot long caterpillar that will grow into a flower garden! Learn about the bugs and critters that live in the garden. Taught by Farm Staff 10am-12noon. $35
Ages: 3–11 Discount: yes

Eat Dirt You Worm

May 12th 2018. In this hands on workshop, children will learn about worms: what they eat, how they live, why they are important to us. They will study composting and make their own starter compost with real red wigglers.
Taught by Farm Staff 10am-12pm $35
Ages: 5–11 Discount: yes

Sensational Strawberries

Saturday June 2nd 2018. Kids age 4 to 12 join this popular offering as we hike to the strawberry field, pick ripe fruit and make delicious goodies to take home and enjoy. Taught by our farm staff 10am-12pm, $40
Ages: 4–12 Discount: yes

Cuddle and Care Farm Babies

April 21st or May 19th- We are offering this same class twice this year! Join us for a wonderful morning of learning about all the baby animals on the farm. Discover what they eat, how they grow, and how we take care of them! Taught by Farm Staff, 10am-12pm, $35.00
Ages: 2–99 Discount: yes