Weekday Courses

These courses give kids, (Moms, Dads and Caretakers) the opportunity to visit and explore the farm through age appropriate activities and classes. Our schedule runs from mid morning through the after-school hours.

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Mommy or Daddy and Me

Mommy & Me consists of weekly sessions for 4 weeks. Introduction to farm animals for two and three-year-olds and a parent. We gently introduce children to small farm animals one at a time with Mom or Dad right there.
Ages: 2–3 Discount: yes

Farm Fun

Farm Fun is for young farmers ages 4 to 6. Similar to the mommy and me curriculum, these classes are designed as a drop off and allows the children the chance to explore the farm away from mom and dad. Classes run simultaneous with Mommy and Me begin and end together, with Farm Fun students parting from younger siblings for half of the class.
Ages: 4–6 Discount: yes

Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm gives boys and girls 7 years and older, hands on experiences with animals, gardens and chores. Many of our participants in this program have been with us since mommy and me, and now they can put their expertise to work! A fun and wholesome hour of getting down and dirty with the farm and it's animals!
Ages: 7–12 Discount: yes